Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Stakeholder Analysis of the tournament Roland Garros with their Essay

Stakeholder Analysis of the tourney Roland Garros with their objectives and goals - Essay Example indebtedness organizations including those with specific areas such as the banking sector and communication sector as well as those with very general ideas in their scope. Organizers collaborate with such organizations in developing and promoting corporate responsibility in different parts of the universe. The management of Roland Garros tournament has established a specific organizational structure within the ranks of organizers, which works with a dedicated group operating form the corporate social responsibility headquarters. Roland Garros also called the French Open is one of the four annual Grand Slam tournaments in the world in addition to Wimbledon, the United States Open, and the Australian Open.Recently great tennis players have participated including Raphael Nadal, Milan Djokovic, Llodra, and Gasquet among many more. Stakeholders term it as a showcase for all of France. The t ournament is unique because it is the only tournament played on clay. The tournament was held in nineteen twenty-eight at Porte dAuteoil in Paris (Panat and Golinelli 1991). Stakeholders keep change magnitude aura of Roland Garros every year brings out some of the dazzling sporting achievements from the biggest tennis international players. The four musketeers consisting of Borota, Cochet, Brugnon, and Lacoste brought a lot success to the tournament, adding flavor to the initial foundation of professional tennis in France. The efforts of the four players quickly led the tournament getting global recognition. Organizers made sure that in nineteen sixty-eight they held the beginning(a) tournament where both amateurs and professional participated. Stakeholders hold memories of great players including Gustavo Kuerten, Bjorn Borg, and Mats Wilander. The tournament saw in nineteen eighty-three a win by the first ever French player (Evans 1991). This was Yannick Noah.The stakeholders alw ays use ten thousand employees to organize the tournament successfully. Sponsors increase every year including

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